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Which Missions Are In State Parks?

There are almost 300 State Parks in California. Three of them are connected to the historic missions. In Santa Barbara County, there is La Purisima Mission. Santa Cruz County has a mission complex that includes a single adobe building that was once...

A Journey Through California's Past and Present

In his new book, author Sandy Brown names California as the journey's star. With turn-by-turn directions for an epic 800-mile long-distance trail, the author captures a slice of California's unique landscapes, people, history, and cultural heritage..

Something Old, Something New

CMT Detail

An Elegant Display Map

Over the years, we have looked for maps related to the California Missions Trail (CMT) in books, archive libraries, and online. We have …

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Mission San Miguel

A Brief History of Mission San Miguel

Established as number 16 out of 21, Mission San Miguel has a unique feature: its interior murals, initially painted in the 1800s by …

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A Tour of Early California Architecture from San Diego to Sonoma

The Spanish missions of California represent the state’s oldest and richest architectural legacy. Established in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century by Franciscan …

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old mission san buenaventura basilica

Mission San Buenaventura

All that remains of the original mission is the church and its garden. A small museum sits at the mission with displays of Chumash …

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on the california missions trail

Guess Who is Walking the Trail from Sonoma to San Diego?

In his latest project, travel guide and author Sanford “Sandy” Brown is making preparations to write a guidebook for the California Missions Trail, the 815-mile walking/biking itinerary…

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antique mission trail postcard

The Road the Famous Fathers Trod

Postcards from the first half of the 20th century give us a glimpse of the past. The route shown on the postcard below …

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mission la purisima historic state park

La Purísima Mission State Historic Park is within the California State Parks System

Mission La Purísima was originally established at a site known to the Chumash people as Algsacpi and to the Spanish as the plain of Río Santa Rosa, one mile south of Lompoc. 

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Drawing by Henry Chapman Ford

Turn of the Century Drawing of the Mission San Juan Bautista

In the summers of 1880 and 1881, while living in Santa Barbara, California, Henry C. Ford traveled by horse and buggy to each mission. In 1893, he exhibited his mission etchings at the Chicago World’s Fair. He died in 1894, leaving behind his California mission paintings.

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Something Old, Something New