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NEW Guide to Historic Long-Distance Walking and Cycling Trail

In his guidebook, The California Missions Trail: From Sonoma to San Diego, author Sandy Brown names California as the journey’s star. With turn-by-turn directions for an epic long-distance trail that passes through 14 counties on its 800-mile route, the author captures a slice of California’s unique landscapes, people, history, and cultural heritage.

CMT GuidebookFrom the beginning, the California Missions Trail followed centuries-old trading routes that touched upon over twenty-five tribal territories with languages and traditions unique to each tribe. While most of the book focuses on the spaces between the missions, with detailed maps and directions for walkers and cyclists, the namesake missions for the historic route make twenty-one important appearances. The book, challenging oft-romanticized tales, takes a balanced approach to the stories of California’s Spanish missions by sharing the historical record of Native American leaders who fought to overcome the epic changes in their lifestyle and to adjust the balance of power during the colonial era. Meticulous research and colorful storytelling unveil a Native American story little known, even to lifelong Californians.

All told, the book serves up a fascinating journey through California’s past and present – spiritual for some, inspirational for others, and a memorable experience for those who undertake the journey or simply read the book to better understand the role of the trail in the formation of California. In addition, the book celebrates the beauty of the California landscape, increases visitor awareness of American Indian and Spanish Colonial history and culture, and promotes tourism-based economic development along its 800-mile route.

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Note: Santa Barbara County Trails Council is the fiscal agent for the California Missions Trail Alliance. Trails Council’s Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 95-2496099.