The Future

The California Missions Trail came about over 200 years ago, and it has been with us ever since. The trail has gone from a footpath to an autoroute to a present-day experience with only a modicum of business and community support for the travelers who follow the route on foot or by bicycle. We believe the following ideas will shape the future.

The California Missions Trail

Reflects on the Past While Enjoying the Present:
Brings a historic trail that was the active transportation foundation of California to the forefront of recreational experience.

Improves Access to Outdoor Recreation for Health and Wellness:
Improve users’ health and wellness by providing a transportation option that increases recreation, physical activity, and time spent outdoors and in nature.

Creates Trail Connections Between Communities and Destinations:
Links communities and destinations together with routes accessible to a variety of trail users.

Supports Economic Development and Capitalizes on Trail-based Tourism:
Supports economic development by promoting trails recognized by state and local governmental agencies in a way that invites tourism, creates an opportunity for appropriate action within the trail corridor, increases property values, and connects a variety of destinations.

Celebrates the Region Through Local Place Brand Development:
Celebrates California’s history and natural environment through design features, amenities, signing, and interpretation that strengthen the user’s connection to nature and their relationship to place.

Creates Additional Transportation Options for Residents and Visitors:
Creates additional active transportation options that provide choices for residents of all the counties the trail passes through, reduces traffic congestion, and improves air quality.

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