There is certainly an abundance of information available about all viewpoints of the California Missions. For over a century, scores of organizations have promoted the highways and byways that link the Missions. The California Missions Trail has many champions and supporters who have written books, essays, and articles, as well as drawn, painted, and photographed perspectives of the trail and the Missions it links. Our resources section holds a curated collection that frames the trail’s modern and historical aspects. Every entry is intended to be of interest to trail users and supporters

Photography | Video | History | Articles


Our small but growing collection of photos includes images of Mission Architecture and images that capture the experience and landscapes along the California Missions Trail.


The video gallery features links to videos presented by individuals and organizations on topics the have a connection to the California Missions Trail and the string of Missions connected by the trail.


The history of the 21 Missions and the California Mission Trail goes back over two centuries. We have created a directory of resources that we have used to inform this project. We have provided brief summaries on the history of the Missions, the Native American Indians whose ancestors built the Missions and created the trails that connected the Missions. We have also captured some of the essays, pamphlets, and graphics that propelled boosterism for the California Mission Trail that date back to the dawn of the automobile age and the heyday of the Mission Revival Period.


Much is being written about the Missions and the California Missions Trail that is contemporary due to its subject matter or date of publication. Here you will find summaries and links to articles published in magazines, blog posts, and reports posted online.

walking to the mission