The Present

The California Mission Trails Alliance (CTMA) exists to raise awareness of the Mission-to-Mission trail within the State of California’s boundaries as a major asset to the state and nation and encourage stewardship, recreation, and economic growth along the trail corridor. Organizations within the Central Coast area will develop a draft model for other Counties in California to consider and adopt.

The purpose of the California Missions Trail Strategic Plan is to support all initiatives to scout, map, mark, certify, sustain, and promote 800-miles of a long-distance hiking and cycling route.

The goal is to create a mutually beneficial strategy for the California Missions Trail with the support of the Alliance and members of the community.


  • Engage stakeholders (including the business community, tourism organizations, nonprofit groups, local and state government agencies) and the 21 Missions to identify trail improvement categories and priority projects.
  • Establish statewide priorities for supporting the California Missions Trail, including, but not limited to, spiritual, recreational, and economic benefits to California residents.
  • Model best practices established by long-distance recreation and pilgrimage trails worldwide to improve the California Missions Trail continually.
  • State a business case for services supporting travelers using California Missions Trail and use the content as a marketing tool.
  • Develop a financial plan that identifies total funding needs, gaps, and potential funding sources.

Roles and Responsibilities

Santa Barbara County Trails Council will lead the Strategic Plan efforts with full participation by the Alliance members. Alliance members agree to participate in the collaborative planning stages.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the founding members and will be expanded to include representatives from various agencies and organizations.


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