About the Trail

Is there anything new to say about an 800-mile-long trail that traces its origin back to the 18th century? There is certainly an abundance of information available about all aspects of the California Missions. For over a century, scores of organizations have promoted the highways and byways that link the Missions. At the turn of this century, volunteers pioneered the modern route for the California Missions Trail. Butch Briery, created the first hikers’ guide for it in 2011. His vision and steadfast support for the trail are the foundation for the path we promote today.

The California Missions Trail has many champions and supporters; however, the trail lacks the basic organizational structures, facilities, and amenities common to long-distance trails worldwide. The California Missions Trail Alliance (CMTA) is a platform for a coalition of organizations and individuals spread across the state to turn the Mission-to-Mission trail’s promise into reality. Like other long-distance trails, this one will sustain itself with a combination of grassroots and government support. To keep informed about our goals, objectives, and progress, check in with us now and then. We will update the following sections of this website as changes unfold.

The Origin | The Present | The Future

People have been mapping the footpath between California Missions since the Spanish explorers first wandered north of the Baja California Peninsula. As so many have done before, we are taking on the challenge of providing helpful maps for traveling between the missions using active transportation modes; on foot and by bicycle. More information about the various routes is under the Explore tab.

The Resources tab holds a collection of photographs, videos, and articles that frame the trail’s modern and historical aspects. Every attempt will be made to focus on topics of interest to trail users.

While organized as a Store, this section of our website is really a place for supporters to contribute to the work plan of the CTMA. We offer a small range of thank you gifts to express our gratitude for your donation.

The Trail Supporters section of the website identifies individuals and organizations who have pledged their support for the California Missions Trail vision. We hope you will join us by pledging your support to establish and maintain an exciting walking and cycling route that celebrates California’s diverse communities, cultures, and landscapes, intersecting the twenty-one remarkable California Missions now and into the future