Mission San Buenaventura

Founded: Sunday, March 31, 1782

All that remains of the original mission is the church and its garden. A small museum sits at the mission with displays of Chumash Indian artifacts and mission-era items.

Located in the historic downtown of Ventura, very few California missions had the center of business and commerce remain at the location where the mission was established like Mission San Buenaventura. The church remains an active Catholic parish, serving approximately 2,000 families, and services are still held in the parish church. The current pastor is Tom Elewaut, who has served since 2011.

Mission San Buenaventura
Mission San Buenaventura | Ventura, California

Coordinates: 34°16′52″N 119°17′53″W
Address: 211 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001

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