An Elegant Display Map

A Contemporary Map Created by World Travelers

Over the years, we have looked for maps related to the California Missions Trail (CMT) in books, archive libraries, and online. We have found intriguing maps published in the 1800s, 1900s, and this century. We love old maps. However, when we discovered the contemporary maps created by world travelers Jay and Maud last year, we asked about the possibility of adding a California Missions Trail map to their collection.

Their company, Tell Your Trail, was launched when they started making maps to relive their travel and hiking adventures daily. Now, via their website, you can find maps for trails in all corners of the world, including (drumroll, please) the CMT.

Stripped down to just the essentials, the California Missions Trail map created by Jay and Maude is elegant in its simplicity. Available in various sizes and color palettes, the maps are a great way to memorialize a mission-to-mission walk or gently remind you about plans for a future trek up or down California.

California Missions Trail Poster

Tell Your Trail


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