Story Map from San Miguel to Ventura

A Story Map About Six Missions in Three Counties

The purpose of this story map is to preview the experience of walking or bicycling from mission to mission in the southern part of California’s Central Coast. It is possible to start at any of the six missions and travel in either direction. The sequence presented is from Mission San Miguel to Mission Ventura, approximately 190 miles north to south. The route has waypoints at Mission San Luis Obispo, Mission La Purísima, Mission Santa Ines, and Mission Santa Barbara.

If you plan to hike or cycle a few sections at a time, consider using Amtrak to get you to the starting point. After hiking or cycling for one or more days, use Amtrak to return to your vehicle or home.

To help imagine a walk from mission to mission, we have included suggested stop points spaced approximately a “days walk” apart.

People have been mapping the footpath between California Missions since the Spanish explorers first wandered north of Baja California. As so many have done before, we are taking on the challenge of providing helpful maps for traveling between the missions using active transportation modes; on foot and by bicycle.

Following this incredible journey through California’s past and present is spiritual for some, inspirational for others, and a memorable experience for those who undertake the adventure. In its way, each reach of the trail celebrates the beauty of the California landscape, increases visitor awareness of American Indian and Spanish Colonial history and culture, and promotes tourism-based economic development.

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