San Diego to Sonoma GPX File

This is the 2022 edition of the primary California Missions Trail (CMT) from Mission San Diego to Mission Sonoma, following the south-to-north route. The download includes a GPX and a KML File.  Free with a donation.

How do I use a GPX file?

On desktop

There are several applications that you can use to open GPX files and view routes. The easiest way to open a GPX file and view the map data it contains is by uploading it to the web version of Google Maps. After you open and sign in to Google Maps in your web browser, you can add a GPX file as a new map by:

1. Opening the Google Maps menu (three lines) and selecting

2. Your placesMapsCreate Map (at the bottom of the column).

3. A new Google Maps window opens. In that window, select the Import link/button that appears underneath the Untitled layer.

4. Upload your GPX file. The map data the file contains will appear in Google Maps.

On a Smartphone

There are many great apps that allow the viewing of GPX files. Some to consider are:

→ RunGo – Free on iOS and Android.

→ Gaia – is not free but has a lot of features.

1. Email a GPX file to yourself or have someone forward an email with a GPX file attached

2. Upload the GPX file into the app on your phone and open the app.